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Brian Cober

Brian Cober 

A legendary Toronto Blues musician and band leader

One of the first musical acts to be interviewed for the Spirit of Kensington

1999 Kin of Kensington the only compilation CD of original Kensington Market music.

2011 “No Pain No Limit “ ~ Music video. Ongoing documentation of Brian at Lola and legendary Grossman’s where he has played the Sunday Matinee for decades. And documenting special events such as the memorial of Paul McNamara. Brian Cober played onecloud garden gallery on in 2012 and 2013 which are in a holding pattern awaiting funding for new eq.

Mary H Fish edited “Kensington Cat” music video for Kensington Song Songfest with Brian’s original song title the same.

Since the beginning Brian and The Nationals have supported Global Sync. From the original idea of a local Artzine reporting and documenting the art and music in the Kensington Market arts enclave to the morerecent music presentations and videos.

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