Kin of Kensington I   1999  1st Kensington original music CD

Little Love Nest


10 Josée “Little Love Nest” © 1999 (3:14 min)

            Written by Ian McCulloch & Josée

            Performed by Josée

            Original Producer

Ian McCulloch & Sam Weller

Kin of Kensington I - 1999 production credits


Produced by Global Sync Media Productions

Executive Producers Mary Fish & Inta Ridler

Associate Producer David R. Walsh

Co-Produced and mastered by Ian McCulloch

Mastered at Slamm Productions

Special Thanks to Sam Weller

Strange Things  and Special CircumstancesGeorge Miller

9 George Miller “Strange Things and Special Circumstances” © 1992 (4:36 min)

            Written by George Miller

            Performed by George Miller, with Beverly Ross, Bass, Phil Romkey, Drums

            Original Producer – Jake Dizman
 George has died. Here is a memorial video!
















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