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Tim was an iconic artist in Kensington Market. He was an inspiration to all of us. He sold his work from the street. Tim was funny and he shared with his community.
An interview with Tim Radford for the Spirit 1997

 Global Sync interviewed Tim in 1997

To our knowledge it is the only video documentation of this wonderful local artist and beloved and well know painter

Shows• Several group art events with Tim Radford as a featured artist at the Kim’s Café between 1997 and 2006

Tim was in the show “Hang Your Local Artist” at the Global Sync Gallery on Glenbaillie Place in 1998

“To the End of Tim” A toast/memorial to Tim’s love of puns and to his life.

“A Million Miles Away” by Johnny Bootz ~ Featuring Chris Hope Videography: Mary H Fish, Marty Smith Everyone loved Tim. He was a very funny man. We all miss him. He was one of the artist’s who originally inspired Global Sync. He shared his art space at Kim's with us.

Art by  Tim Radford

on Peacock Poverty

Tim Radford

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