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the rant from 2007


November 29, 2007


the time mag. article that has ticked me off so much is just a provincial political debate taking place in the southern U.S. 

Science and religion aren’t in the same power struggle anywhere else in the world. Theology is not limited to the genesis story of creation. Theologians identify the characteristics of the creator. They explain our relationship with the creator. Our relationship with the creator, the creation, everything, is an evolving story over time.

The job of theologians is different from the job of christian priest, as the job of theorist is different from chrysler engineers. Churches, or any religious organizations are largely fascist organisations because their job is to keep and teach the story of peoples relationship with the creator from some very distant time. Jesus perceived his very powerful relationship with the creator as his father in a region and during a time when the patriarchal Hebrew Temple dominated the culture. Jesus demonstrated for the people in that time that all the passion of that relationship with the creator could transform him into a spiritual being.

Modern theology is universalist. Also patriarchy is slowly falling down around the world. The cultures are being homogenised. Overpopulation and resource depletion are characteristics of the creation at this time in space which any religion, science or theology will need to address. For my part, I celebrate a relationship with the creator as my Mother, and all of creation being made out of The Holy Eternal Mother’s love. The moment of creation is a constant. I am completely dependent on my mother creator to create each moment. Without the next moment all in creation would cease. Love is the enlightened message Jesus taught, love is the road to peace, and peace is heaven on earth, heaven in life . Rather than heaven after life. My theology loves science and art as much as it loves life and peace.



days of long shadows

ice chunks scattered everywhere

as my thoughts on time



December 2, 2007    


The scientific method  hasn’t been very successful at studying the properties of time, (so far)..... Logic and reason indicate some characteristics of time.


People have long held the perception of time as water. Water is made of two gases which combine with in a given temperature and pressure range. How else may we understand time by our observation of the physical and chemical properties of water? It appears seamless, it has surface tension, density, yet ....


“Is time linked to space as hydrogen and oxygen are linked to temperature and pressure?


December 6, 2007


Measurements of time are linked to location in space by relativity.


Does space expand and shrink?


In our minds we can measure the distance between points in space, without accounting for time in anyway. That is the theory or idea of geometry. In our experience, though, we cannot travel a distance in space without the interference of time. Our math works to demonstrate that time speeds up or slows down as you travel through space relative to the speed you travel.  Speed is a formula of time and distance. What do we mean measuring the speed of time? Clocks run (FAST)?, or(SLOW)? Observations are that the speed at which you travel through space affects our perception of the shape of space as well.  Space can be more dense or less dense. The speed of light may be a measurement of time we can experience as a constant.


It seems we can’t measure time without measuring space relative to it. An event occurs at a time and in a place. Our experience of the creation, is a record of occurrences. If time is defined by moments, then a moment must begin at a point in time, then end. Eternity is the distance between the beginning of a moment and the end of the moment.

Also time may have properties as electricity, a current that may occur at various frequencies.


Also then, if time is digital, on, off, on, off, as Watts suggest,  then more questions present themselves.

 “what is between the moments?”  And,

“how many frequencies are there?”



The Evolution of an idea



Now it has come to pass that some scientist have become offended by a political religious faction in North America, who have attempted to put forth a scientific argument that the creation story in Genesis is a true account. The “Intelligent Design” theory is not very scientific. No matter, it is actually a political struggle, which has a goal to change the way science is taught in the schools. Enraged, many scientist say the teaching of the discipline is the province of science, not religion or politics .  I agree.

So, for political purpose, a scientist writes a book saying, “ Science has proved the creator does not exist”.  And the arguments fly and more books were written about I. D.  & more books were written about Scientific Atheism.  And someone wrote that Religion and Science are completely separate “House’s” which can exist beside each other and need not interact or be in any conflict.....


And I am thinking “what about Einstein?”


I think I’ll put in my 2cents, and it turns out more like 6cents. I’m reacting to their proof's and disproof's, and their definitions, and even the reason for the argument, I feel overwhelmed, but I try to put my argument together in some notes, and then here.


Can science prove or disprove the creator exist

Is the creator outside time and space?


My new questions,


What does the creator create?

Who’s house is it?

What is religion?


What is memory

what is a spiritual being



The question, “Does god exit?” is irrelevant to science. Theologies could just as well ask, “Does science exist?” The scientific method, is a way of exploring reality. When we use scientific methods of exploring we develop a set of information that follows scientific rules. Evolution is a theory developed by the scientific method of exploration. When Darwin developed the idea of the origin of species, he defined evolutionary theory, to be the natural selection of the best traits for survival over time. Now the theory has been expanded. Not only life forms evolve. Culture evolves, psychology has evolved. Evolution, has come to be a process of development, that all and anything records over time. Science has evolved. Religion has evolved. The fact is, Idea, has evolved.  The creator may or may not exist, but the Idea of a creator is the most primitive idea in the memory of humans experience in time.


Not without conflict


Memory is a form of information which is not very tangible.  Memory was the first method by which people organized the important information of their experience. Religious practice became the method for increasing the reliability of the information contained in memory so that it could inform the future. So possibly before even the idea of god, the practice for managing information was evolving.  Sometimes people with different accounts of their collective memory interact , there became conflict. Sometimes conflicts lead to war behaviour.  For god, or story, or territory people learned to resolve conflict by violent means, Dominance is the selected trait, evolution is a process of development . The story unfolds. Not violence is perceived, taught, developed. Non-violence evolves also.


So, religion is a method for keeping information about original memory. After the idea of god, it evolved to the practice for teaching about the relationship between people and the creator, and for teaching the values of that information to the future.

Science is a method for organizing and analysing information. How do people benefit by the evolution of these practices?


The Idea of god is a truly remarkable event, but even more interesting is the “Idea” , alone. The formation of an idea in the mind of a person, occurred first once in time. It was so powerful an advantage to human beings even before we could manipulate fire that once it occurred, we could say it was a human brain which presented an idea..


Imagination, To create an image in the mind, for something that does not exist.

Idealise, to refined something perceive in the imagination.


Which event occurred first? The memory of the creator or the idea  of creator?


Do we have memory of the creation?


What is the complete record of our relationship with the creator?



Records of enlightenment



The memory of our experience with the creator is kept in the stories of experiences reported by witnesses of spiritual encounters with the creator. More and more we may observe spiritual encounters when we attribute those encounters to a person of young age. Reasonable resolutions may be made to accommodate so many different records of creation and spiritual encounters, coming from so many different original locals. The scientifically examined record of human experience on earth has gaps that fail to explain how people came to exist in so many different parts of the world.

The oldest age of physical human remains is so much older than any story of creation that we need to examine the spiritual perspective on time and space, to account for our loss of collective memory of the events. Some way humans became separated. When people became separated and how they became separated is debatable. We have 100's or 1000's of stories to account for the time of separation. Most people's memories can agree on a set of facts.


1          a time of the creation for everything

2          first interaction between people and creator

3          instructions for the people to follow (presumably to prosper)

4          a story of failure or upheaval (a big change)

5          separation and a promised reunion


only the details are different.


we can imagine heaven, then it is created. The place is perfect harmony and love , the time is now.


Perfect harmony and love. This can be a place and a time.  It is the place told of where people are in balance. And happy with themselves and their creator, and each other....



Science is not a method for the study of spiritualism


spirituality is a point of view of the creation which claims the spirit of the creator is evident in the creation. It is a spirit filled creation.


Advanced perceptive abilities, altered states of consciousness, and creative thinking have been the means for people to advance our understanding of spirituality. There have been many important spiritualist who have contributed to our body of knowledge of the creator, and the spirit of creation. They have never been members of political or social institutions. They have always sayed the spirit of creation is democratic anarchy. Also they report that the spirit of the creation is active and accessible. The realisation of spirit filled life is eternal life. This has been cause for much confusion. 

When a spiritualist achieves awareness of their relationship with the creation, and the creator they become aware of all time. The perception of one's place in the unending universe... is the transforming experience which turns one into a spiritual being. A spiritual being is no longer concerned with the difference between life and death, heaven or hell, because their perception of reality now transforms differences,...

spirit is spirit,

is spirit is


A spiritualist wants to teach perception of the creator , but people get confused, because reason and fear have closed them off to the spiritual reality of creation. I say , “I want you all to live in heaven with me now” but they are afraid of what they have not experienced. Truth is all people experience spiritual reality but will not acknowledge it for political or social reasons.

The practice of spiritualist is too frightening and difficult for mature people to attempt. Mature people are too invested in social order. Young children, and very old people naturally perceive more of eternal altered awareness of self a place.

Creative power is available for people to design heaven. Practice of living, way of understanding, care giving and nurturing, are about perception of place in time with the creator.



Keep it simple



Creative principle for a spiritual being.


Reality follows the Idea.  The idea of peace, good will, well being, happiness, is in competition with other ideas, such as struggle, fight, achieve, acquire, build, change, control, ....any/all ideas are good/bad, so how can the spiritualist resolve this?



Simple four way relationship which follow natural occurrences.       [occurrence, not law]








































make a word, put it in the matrix, understand the relationships, celebrate enlightenment....



December 10, 2007


The traditional male practice for becoming a spiritual being is by aestheticism. The teaching is , “turn away from society, family, desire, etc.  Come to the Quiet place where the creator is, and listen, you become transformed, you realise your spiritual being,”


Now in the post patriarchal time, Mary is here to say, “spiritual life is organic.” it is in the care and keeping of the spiritual BEING THAT THE BEING IS SPIRITUAL.”


Embrace everything in the creation. Embrace the spiritual being in creation, it is real.


December 11, 2007



The wisdom of grandmothers



Life may embody the spirit of the creator, and is also organic. Ones who practice care giving and nurturing learn or already know we are spiritual beings, and so may celebrate the cycles of life. One who knows the spirit world is the real world, is a spiritual being.

Patriarchal reports of who has demonstrated being a spiritual being are obscured by political values and fear. Love is not just a human emotion. Love is the force of creation. Love is the it which does the work of creating. Grandmothers share in creating because they practice love.

Emotions of all stripes are also spiritual forces. Add them to the creation matrix to get a picture of their relationships to organic life















.....and so on.


Can scientific methods be used to prove the spiritual aspect of the creation?



In part. 

Observation, statistics, thought experiment...ok


no lab testing




December 12, 2007


Embrace chaos


Now not being a patriarchy, what have the aesthetes shown?


The adult participates in social order out of training. The challenge is, for a person to turn away from social order to discover realisation as a spiritual being. Being already born a spiritual being, the paradox is that poor social training is to blame for not being a realised spiritual being from birth. Social order follows the idea. Patriarchal social order  has been a survival strategy from some event in the past but now it is a self perpetuating habitual practice, evolving from generation to generation.


How else may we design order?

How do we design justice?



social order, economics and fascism


If we perceived of the spiritual being of creation and we practised having value for the spiritual aspect of everything, we could not even justify a coal mine, let alone a war!


One of the effects of patriarchal social order has been the development of powerful organizations. A groups power is powerful because of control and influence over people. (And or all nature) Consider before capitalism, before enslavement, before kingdom, or clan. Imagine natural freedom. A naturally free being, such as a whale or bear, must experience its free being. Maybe even experiences its spiritual being.

So the benefactors of order have motive to continue order. And the old ideas of dominance and superiority are able to convert large numbers of practitioners. Over time people are made dependant on order.  Dependence manifest fears. One of the fears that block a person from realizing their spiritual being is fear of chaos and anarchy.



the practice of the idea



religion is the teaching and training for living the values of the idea.


imagine became out memory of our idea. It is not a scientific question, it is not


December 14, 2007


so....If the creation is spirit filled

and, If the experience of spirit is an aspect of consciousness


then being a spiritual being is a matter of being aware of being spiritual, and practising being spiritual..


And, then all things have consciousness. We have records of examples for people who experienced expanded consciousness. Also spiritual consciousness embodies all the creation. Our perception of consciousness may now include the very rocks as spirit filled beings. We may experience change, time, death, differently, being spiritual beings of consciousness. In the sweat lodge we call the rocks that carry the fire for us, “The Grandfathers”. The sweat lodge is an ancient ritual. It acknowledged the spirit filled consciousness of the creation. The law of conservation of matter and energy, may be evidence of our eternal awareness of experience through forms outside the experience of organic life. We may pass from organic life to dust and nutrients and minerals and as atoms and photons pass through every kind of experience from sun burst to empty space and whatever we can imagine.

Being a living, spiritual being is an especially rich experience. For people to enjoy life they need to be free from distressing circumstances. So religious practice is an idea for enriching the experience of life. When people are aware of their being spiritual beings, they feel compassions and other emotions about the things (gifts) they receive, from their interactions with the rest of creation.  The words “All My Relations” is about a state of awareness. Everything around me is my relation some time before or after me. I can relate to all the creation. We are taught sacred memory of experience outside organic life in religious ceremonies. 


Scientific spiritualism:           

  Is all experience measurable within current understandings of time and space. Is there a spiritual reality?

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