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The Mad Housewives

This brilliant and generous local indie band and it's individual members have been constant encouragement for all of the artists contributing to Global Sync.
"Goodbye to the Avenue", part of the Bellevue Park TV/Kin of Kensington II collection, by the Mad Housewives is a music documentary of our community. It is an excellent example of the collaborative efforts we have made. Many videographers and photographers contributed historical and contemporary images to make this a collective work about our lives and about change.
The original song by the Mad Housewives is funny, beautiful and haunting in it's description of our unique world, our joy, our love and our loss.

"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" is from our Series in onecloud Garden Gallery in 2012 "An Evening with the Mad Housewives" There are many more videos of this and of more of the Mad Housewives songs and performances. such as "Underground".
All collaborative work between Global Sync and The Mad Housewives is accessible documentary, archive and assets of the trust that is Global Sync Media Productions.

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