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selected poems


text for a drawing of the Nativity



within the                                                       



of creation’s great grace

is the chaos of a





waiting for spring flowers


the sky is a cool grey

and the trees struggle

with buds

while we come and go

and hope the white

beach will be hot





a quest


come to the mountain

cries the bear


So find the wild

flower there


With the bee inside


Where would you






Walk for World Survival ‘89


In Saskatchewan

The uranium lies still

S.M.D.C. digs

Radiation is unleashed

Earth, Air, Water, die



Utilities buy

Yellow Cake uranium

Use in reactors

Sell plutonium for war

Everywhere people die



keep uranium in the ground

from the north

south east west

the spirit moves


for the earth

air sun sea

the people walk


in the snow

heat rain glare

the miners work


from the tanks

planes ships subs

the missiles fly


for the young

old wild tame

Creator weeps


in the north

south east west

we will protest






i am



our ship goes into the future

Homer's crew is gone

and there is no hero

and every day

i am held by the sunrise

and the present is my salvation


i do exist

only now

i have memory

culture has books

they do not prove time

they only are as bread crumbs left

then impossible to find


only art is grand

even mountains grow

and then are worn down by wind and rain

oh! nature

nature is the theme of all time

rain is everything

wind is the breath of creation

the celestial wheel turns a path

so we call it past

and when i walk to the shore

it meets me


just a hope


the patriarchy is dominated by the old men of power and position. in my lifetime, i believe i have witnessed a continuous erosion of the old men's influence over growing boys. more and more, boys grow to be gentle men who are care givers to children and accept leadership from women.


with this verse i celebrate the notion that the patriarchy may soon just disappear under the feet of the old men. that no more boys will grow to become soldiers.




resist is the need of boys and men

resist the military, resist the church.
resist old patriarch's sublime control.
resist injustice at every turn.



resister your goal resister a claim.

a sister be me as a sister may be
re- sister me to an equitable game


if sister be beaten and raped, owned and lamed,
then sister me also .
we may end the old game .


and i will be re-sister too




capitalism is the enemy to justice


if i get to tell my great grandchildren some day about it i will say how at the beginning of the 21st century greed drove the national policy so that the goal became to maximize profits to some few exploiters, (unseen mostly) who used all the national resources to get the all the oil in the tar sand oil fields in alberta out as fast as possible.


the investors reasoned the fastest they could get the oil to market the highest prices they will realized. 



i think they were wrong but they collapsed the ecosystem trying.

1984 - 2014


1984 came to be in 2004...........

sometimes I think

someone used Orwell's story

as a cook book,

following the directions

to codify language

into consumable goods.



now social groups

are organized

into consumer values.

any product

can be marketed

to a value set,......


.....also political ideas are sold

 social commentary is re-circulated

to the same value groups!

.... curtailing the effect

of social criticism ,

containing it to interest groups.



search engines also

can isolate information

as easily as not,

sifting the most desired point of view

to the top.



specialization narrows,

isolates information


into interest groups

of common values



political ideas

as well as products

are tailored

to the advantage

of one official editor .

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