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o n e c l o u d  





bright leaf fluttering

in the cold windy sunshine

still holding the branch

I want to let go

slant sunlight stimulates me



every leaf turns bright

cool sunny sky shimmering

brushed by gentle breeze



gently picked
first cherry tomato-
into my mouth



sunflower -
Vincent's portrayal
outshines  it



after tobogganing
our hands touch warming
beside the fire



foot steps in snow
coming from dense brush
little black holes



ice covered tree branch
refracts sunlight glistening drop
imitates apple



after new snowfall
 children track a circle
the game begins



mars meets venus
we wait all night
roasting hot dogs




without snow
carrying eggs home
and singing



spring wind sends my hat
more blocks than i can run
rolling on its rim



faded photograph

dad in his boat at full sail

always smiling




my dad's crocus
breaks ground at his door
he exits



field workers pause
looking up they see
crows steal seed



@ moms and tots
a tempest in my teacups
spring fever strikes



old enough
to help kill
the lamb



woman's day
moon full
of hope



pyramid to spring
ancient people and modern
wind celestial clock




listening to
grandma's grandfather clock
ten springs after



last spring's shake
resounding to far off shores
wave of grief




Vincent's portrayal




the Berlin wall
-everywhere justice
rise and fall 




she and daughter
dance across celestial sphere
and both 'round sun also




paintings by onecloud

tempra on paper by onecloud

tempra on paper

new language elements, with  C. K. Bliss symbols

(detail)  acrylic on wood

mixed media painting on canvas by onecloud

mixed media on canvas

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