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part 3

keep it in the ground

the DAPL is just the tip of the ice berg. the global challenge is to stop fossil fuel production quickly now. in canada the oil sands want to pipe product to the gulf of mexico and to the b. c. coast. while europe and the u. s. a. is reducing consumption, the oil companies are expanding their access to foreign markets. the wars in the middle east are to secure oil reserves that the western oligarchs will sell to inda, china and africa. the political energy at standing rock needs to be expanded to every oil field and pipe line project in the world.

the oil producers will not stop if we don't demand that they do.

pipeline & gas journal

P&GJ’s 2016 survey figures indicate 94,799 miles of pipelines are planned and under construction worldwide.

[ from canadian association of petroleum producers ]

Today, Canada has limited pipeline infrastructure to move oil and natural gas to Eastern Canada then beyond to growing global markets in Asia and India. pipelines are used to transport crude oil or natural gas liquids from producing fields to refineries and ports ...

canada has world's #3 largest oil reserve
by the end of 2014, Canada had about 172.9 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, of which the most significant proportion is in the form of oil sands deposits in the province of Alberta

 world pipelines list of countries total lengths

 United States    2,225,032

 Russia   . . . . . . . 259,913

 Canada  . . . . . . . 100,000
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