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Global Sync Co-Lab 2010/11

A group of classical music buskers, dancers and performance artists who were meeting to rehearse once a week.

2010-2011 Ezra Collective

Ezra Azmon

Alexandra Berland

Lokchi Lam

Ricardo Ledzema

Derek Greenly

Joesph Nadurata

Noriko Yamamoto

Liang C Lin

Linda Shumas

Meredith Wrede
A loose collection of street performers and buskers who invited Global Sync to document rehearsals. Over time Global Sync organized video capture of music and dance performance that resulted in 30 art videos. Global Sync joined them and began shooting; documenting and editing video as well as directing script concepts, organizing shoot schedules and bringing cameras.
Special effect and editing. Global Sync, Mary Fish, Marty Smith, David R Walsh.
Ezra Collective started in 2010.

The outcome...... as we left there is a thriving collective with 30 completed docu-music videos on a new Ezra Collective Youtube channel. They have continued the collective engaging new video people. There is an Ezra Collective 2012 and 2013. They are sustaining the organization and evolving, engaging new musicians, performers and venues all the time. We have recently been invited to return to working with Ezra Collective.

Ezra Collective

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