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designing justice

The design of a just social order is not unachievable. it is not a utopian dream. it is not communist propaganda. the idea that social order can not be designed in a just way, is just a way of saying ,"you needn't bother to try." the claim that economy and or social order is natural is only a belief proclaimed by narrow minds who have narrow interest. the ordering of social contracts, status, access, and land is designed for specific use in every instant. and now that industry is global in scale the controls and designs are heavily invested in by personal interest.

it is actions to create change that will begin to alter the goals and benefits of the existing social structures to the design for justice. the most significant and most promising event of possible outcomes is predicted in the new ideals practiced to shape young boys and young girls about their respect for each other and the reformation of child raising strategies. the family will never be destroyed by breakdown. it is strengthened by deep tribalism at genetic levels. it is essential that identity of groups be for the central care and development of children. the community is purposed to the care of the children first. the community organizes itself. it need not be organized by a central authority, if the system of economic support is in place for the community it then can focus its goals on a new view of safety, and value for peace of action and care of place.

the coming forth of a new design may be threatened by gangs in the anarchy of a collapsed global order. the global order can remain stable if new goals and new principles are put to work that liberate oppressed systems and develop equity to access of the necessities and niceties of life.

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