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the idea that capitalism is a model for ordinary people is flawed by the persistence of low wages. 

if i am to be convinced that competition for goods and an open market will benefit me , then i need to be able to live at the level of comfort and security that a wealthy person does.

i have been a wage earner for my whole life and i have always qualified for welfare, and housing assistance. i scorn my employers who look at their investments as cost, and so don't even value my person hood enough to pay me a livable wage . these employers have always been the small businesses that politicians clamor about.

at the beginning capitalism is run by slave labour ,  and so it is still at its basest root.

the political climate i see in n. america at present pits white middle class professionals and investors against poor people. the middle class won't, "pay welfare", to create justice because they can't wrap their heads around the reality that slavery is the cause of poverty and social strife. if the law protected collective bargaining and set livable minimum wages at the real cost of housing and healthcare then  full employment can become a feasible goal.

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