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a toothless roar

there is a difference between trust and faith . faith is the action of belief. a person believes something to be true that they have no evidence for in experience. they have faith that the belief is true. there is always the possibility that someone uses a person's faith to some trickery. the scenario that a magician or pick pocket may exploit is that the "mark" has given over their trust to a faith based on false belief. trust is a position based on the knowledge of past experience. we trust the sun will rise and set. we have experience that it always has so we have a very valid trust that it will always do so.  trust is very comforting in human experience and so by desire we extend trust before our self if we have not yet been abused.

the psychology of people is such that in growing from birth we  may be easily manipulated and abused and still we extend our trust until we are taught obedience. each person being individual, personality dictates the child's interpretation and conclusions resulting from their treatment and the experience they are taught to believe and those they learn to trust. we learn to trust or believe the source of information by our previous experience. by mystery and practice we develop methods for determining that our caregivers are trust worthy or not.  now in the third millennium of our current civilization, social institutions are divided into religious, political and economic  purposes. each institution is supported by structures of proofs and trusts .  some institutions purport that the scientific method of study is a method that provides proofs, so people need not rely on trusts or belief.

my heresy is against gods and scientist. my position is that there is far better arguments for trust than there are for proofs or beliefs.   from ancient times the crux has been whether or not human being is eternal outside corporate existence.  culturally it has been the central story of peoples' drive to discover evidence and proofs that consciousness is eternal. i am not convinced that the modern scientific method has any greater claim to authenticity than any song from a flute or pounding on a log.  the reliability of a method for study lies in the experience the student has in discovering truths in experience. when Plato, or Newton put in verse their understanding of the truths they discovered their impulse is most poetic in understanding and explanation.

discipline of study is no longer viewed as reliable or authentic purely on the trust of student and teacher that they experience a true knowledge.  if it has no economic application to create a device of weapon or work then study is not promoted or financed.  institutions are in place to accumulate wealth for a powerful elite.

we are now products of consumers are we fodder, profits, or power?

social organization and social justice is more relevant than eternal consciousness.   

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